Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fallout 3 done! Not sure what's next...

Well, there were a few things about this game that I despised, but I found some codes to deal with them. My biggest complaint was that your character just runs too damn slow, and no I wasn't over-encumbered, I just felt like a fat man running through a pool of melted marshmallow. Hmmm... that sounds yummy... Uh, but back to the game. At first I thought that because of the slow running, that the game was going to take a looong time to complete, this turned out not to be true, because after you've been somewhere once you can use the World Map to travel there instantly, thank god.

The game had a ton of weapon choices, and even some really fun ones that you could find, like Experimental MIRV... It's like a Nuke on your shoulder, loved just blowing the crap out of cars and watching the HUGE explosions... I guess that means I'm not a cool guy, cuz cool guys don't look at explosions. Oh well.

The puzzles in the game were fun, sometimes having to figure things out, such as in Tranquility lane figuring out the sequence of objects to activate to bring up the Auxiliary terminal. The idea of Karma in this game was really cool, I typically like to play the good guy, where most people like to be as evil and destructive as possible, but I find it more challenging to be good in games that offer a choice like that. It's easy to run around just blowing everyone's brains out and blowing things up, but making hard choices is... well, hard, and to me much more rewarding. I also very much enjoyed sniping in the game, not many games pull off the sniping very well, but I enjoyed it in this game. Only other wish would be a silenced sniper rifle, but I hear that is available in New Vegas.

This game I'd have to give a 4.5/5 on the Brawlking game scale, one little hitch that made the game play not sparkle completely, but a great game none the less.

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