Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fallout: New Vegas... I wouldn't quite say complete...

If I thought Fallout 3 was going to take a long time to finish, then Fallout: New Vegas was going to take years. The exorbitant amount of side quests, and optional objectives give this game tons of play time outside of the main story. I am going to have to go back through and actually take some time to do all the side missions, and get the cool extra stuff when I have time, but right now... I just dont.

So, take everything that you loved about Fallout 3, wrap it in a new, larger desert, with a lot more groups to fight with, a faction system, more crafting, and what you get is a lot more fun and play time in the form of Fallout: New Vegas. Sitting here, trying to rush my way through the main story, I was awe struck by the amount of quest... ok, I keep calling them "quests", but the game calls them "Objectives", its the RPG player in me. Anyway, the side objectives take you to so many places, with so many different things to do, it's just amazing to me. 

Dislikes... There weren't many, my biggest complaint was the game freezing up, it did it probably 9 times over 3 days of playing, and usually right after I used the instant transport to some place I had already been. The running speed was still too slow for me, but there was a perk you could get to help with that a little bit. One part of the main story I did find to be pretty confusing. The part of the story where you go into the Gomorrah and run around the place doing things for the Cachinco guy. That place got a little confusing, and one of the doors in particular was easily missed, even with the arrow guiding you, since there are 3 floors to the place, it got bad for me. Maybe others didnt have trouble, but man I ran around that place for an hour trying to remember where Troike, and Claden were.

Likes... All the same stuff as the original plus... There are more plot twists in this one than a head full of dreadlocks. There are so many points in the story where you can choose to go one way or another, and it affects the final out come of the game. I chose to help Mr. House this time around, I managed to save my game right before a lot of the important story decision parts so I could go back and see where each path went, so some day I'll go back and follow each path to its completion, but damn it would take forever to get them all done through... One of the new weapons I really enjoyed were the Gauss Rifle, and I really liked the idea of being able to disguise myself to sneak into enemy camps, I wore Brotherhood Power Armor in the first one so I would fit in, the whole noble paladin thing, it just fits me.

Just wanted to share this... at one point I was so annoyed with the Legion guys that I decided to sneak into their camp and just kill everyone. I took my sweet time, slinking around, sniping everyone I could see in the head, and even climbing up or down rocky hills and cliffs to keep myself hidden and snipe from far away. It was tons of fun...

Over all this game gets a 4.9/5 on the Brawlking game scale. Only reason I didnt give it a 5 was because of the bugs. Oh, I played on "Hard" difficulty, dont think I'm gonna bother going above that, I'm a huge noob :P

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