Monday, October 18, 2010

DC Police Fail!

DC Police SUV T-Boned by Bumblebee

How was this officer not aware, or how did he get past the blockades, into the location where they were filming? How did he not recognize Optimus Prime barreling towards him? Would an Autobot really move out of the way of the Police? Pfff.... Hells no. Ok, so he really wasn't an Autobot, but really... how in the hell did this screw up happen? They claimed they were on a different radio frequency, well there still should have been some notice in the local precinct house that TRANSFORMERS 3 WAS FILMING, and it should have said the general location of where they were to be filming. Shouldn't you be aware that a MAJOR MOTION PICTURE is being filmed in your jurisdiction no matter how low in the chain of command you are? I'd think so.

DC Police, are you trying to screw up our amazing Transformers movies? Are you mad about something?

Get it together... DC Police Fail... -_-

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