Friday, October 15, 2010

Online Dating

Ok, so for a while now I've been on this online dating site, since me and my Ex broke up a while ago and I live in the middle of no where there really aren't many places to meet women around here, and I'm not the type to bring girls home from bars. So I've been giving this a try... I've found a disturbing... ok, not disturbing, but odd pattern to every girl's profile on this site.

If you look at a profile on this site, you will find that every girl has at least 3 out of these 6 things:
1. I'm unique because I am one of the guys.
2. I love my friends, I would die without them.
3. I am very family oriented, I love my family.
4. I love all kinds of music, music is my life.
5. I'm looking for someone funny and/or genuine.
6. I'm down to earth. 

News flash ladies! These things do not make you a unique snowflake. Even if you're the hottest girl in the world this just makes you boring. Every girl thinks she's one of the guys, you're really not. Everyone loves their friends, why else would you be friends with them? Family oriented, and loving your family, 98% of women have that in common. You love all kinds of music, sure, but when you get into your car what is the type of music that is usually on your radio? You want someone funny... how original, I was really hoping if I bored you to death you'd fall in love with me. No one wants someone that doesnt make them laugh or smile. Down to earth... right... do you even know what that means? I've seen it in so many profiles, but from the rest of their description it just doesnt fit with what they are saying about themself.

Say something different, say something about a hobby you have, even if it's just knitting like an old lady. Its something special, and unique about you. A good example is this girl: (you may need an account to see the profile, not sure.)

She goes rock climbing, and tries to climb lots of other stuff just for the hell of it. That is unique.

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