Tuesday, October 19, 2010

RIM response to Apple

RIM Blog

I'm personally not a fan of Blackberry or Apple products

I do own an iPod because I can see the value and usefulness in having one, mostly that I can take my music anywhere with me, and keep all of it in one little tiny box, instead of lugging around a book full of CDs. Apple products just dont do it for me.

Dont get me wrong, the iPhone is a cool device in that you can keep your music and your phone in one place, but I prefer to keep them seperate so if my phone dies I still have my music on my iPod, so there's no need for me to have both. Sure it's got cool apps, and can help you do all kinds of stuff, but so far my Windows Mobile phone can do all the stuff I really want it to do, including sharing it's Internet Connection. I have run Droid on my phone, and I do like Driod, except for the battery life, it just sucks...

This... well, I cant think of any good reason for me to want to use this device. Its got a lot of cool apps, sure, so does the iPhone. Its meant for Mobile Wed Browsing? Ok, gimme Flash please, too many of the websites that I, as a gamer, visit on an almost daily basis use Flash. Also, it is just way too expensive for what it does, or more correctly does not do. I'd first buy an iPhone before even considering this beastly waste of money. I have a laptop I can take in my living room and surf the web, and it does everything I want it to do.

Apple is trying to "keep it in the family", keeping their products running their services, and sucking people into an Apple vacumm. People want freedom, as well as functionality. Android allows for almost completely open development, you can run just about anything on it, and that is why their devices have been on such a big rise lately.

Think Apple needs to learn something from that.


  1. IPad is an EReader but does so much more than it's rivals, Kindle for example, as it does have the ability to surf the web.

  2. It also has it's pit falls as an "eReader", mainly the screen, it's almost impossible to read outside in the sun when compared to the Kindle. I wouldn't really put those two in the same category since the Kindle is ONLY intended for eBooks, it's not supposed to be used for anything else.