Sunday, November 7, 2010

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (SWTFU2)

If at any point during this post I need to actually say the name of the game, it will be abbreviated as SWTFU2, because the name is just too damn long to type out.

That being said, I really enjoyed this game, even though on my computer I had to use "low" graphics settings in order for it to perform well (Yes, I played this on PC, I'm not a big console gamer). Other than that, and one other REALLY annoying graphical glitch, as I said I really enjoyed the game. The glitch I'm referring to is that during some of the ingame cut scenes Darth Vader's cloak, or the dangly part between the legs of my Jedi outfit would FREAK OUT. Darth's cloak would look like a huge puffy filly collar around his neck, and it would bug the sound so everything sounded like it was being said in a hollow metal tunnel with a tinny echo. I'm sure there is a patch for it, maybe I should have downloaded it, but I didn't.

Now on to what I enjoyed about the game, keep in mind that I didn't play the first game so if I list something that was also in the first game then that's cool too. The ability to change your lightsaber's color was really nice, and the effects that they added were cool as well, such as the Wisdom (white) saber granting extra Force power from kills. Or the Healing (dark green) saber, I bet you can't guess what that one does! Those were the 2 I used most often, kept one main hand and one secondary. I liked the interactivity in some of the ingame cut scenes, and the actual cut scenes were well voice acted. I enjoyed the special types of boss fights, having to use certain force powers to take a boss down, and all the cool force powers and light saber tricks you can use in the game. I also LOVED getting to toss Stormtroopers over the side of tall buildings or hanging walkways, just launching them into an abyss was very amusing. As well as using Force Lightning on the Jetpack Troopers, and watching them fly around randomly like a bottle rocket out of control, oh that gave me some lols. Overall, glitches aside, I liked the game a lot. Part of the story line got kind of hokey, near the end before you fight Darth Vader, you're wandering through the cloning labs and you hear him breathing... Yeah, that was so B movie.

I enjoyed the game, some bugs made parts pretty bad, but I was able to get through, and parts of the story being cheesey were what brought this title down to 4/5 on the Brawlking game scale.

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