Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Resident Evil 5 and things going on...

Well... I was working on Resident Evil 5 to throw up a review, but some work has been thrown my way and I haven't been home in 7 days to even touch the game. So, I haven't stopped, just on hold until I get back home and have some free time.

On a non-gaming related note there are a few things that I would like to talk about.

Today, I was at the Four Seasons in DC and we were setting up for a show (I work for a company that does "event based communication", multimedia stuff, hard to explain) we were checking the size of a freight elevator when I leaned down to measure, and my phone slid out of my pocket, hit the floor and fell apart, the back plate fell down in the crack between the elevator and the floor. I was standing there watching my battery teetering on the edge, but I grabbed it. So I asked if there was any way someone could get it out for me... I told them not to bother calling the elevator company just for the back plate, but it seems they did anyway and they fished my back plate out from under the elevator. Now THAT is customer service, I can't believe they went that far just to get a piece of a cell phone back. I could've kissed that girl, and I definitely would've, not only was she getting things done, she was very pretty. Where can I find a girl like that?

So after that debacle the day continued and more problems came our way. We were setting up a secondary display for this conference room and we couldnt get a signal down to the other end of the room for the display. Every time we plugged in both displays the secondary would only show a rainbow colored staticy grid. So we finally got that fixed about 2 minutes before it needed to be ready, I didn't fix it, it was Bill and some A/V techs to the rescue on that one, I'm just the computer guy. So we got that all done, and the show continued. We had a little session with some CEOs from large companies - I wont specify - in which the members in the room discussed ways to improve the public's opinion of big companies. I got the idea that the CEOs in the room think that the public in general has no idea what it takes to run a big company the way it needs to be run to make company. The specific words were that they wanted to "give the public an ecenomics course". I found that to be fairly condescending. On the flip side one of the members - this one I will specify, the CEO of Snap-on Tools -  suggested that one way to regain public trust would be to "stop worrying about what share holders want, and focus on customer needs". This is something that we as normal people want to hear. Most of the other suggestions weren't so simple, and were things that would take time to implement and to see the effects, but were some good things that I thought would actually work. Something I thought was interesting was that they mentioned trying to make the public see the value in moving certain jobs to other countries, and how it actually benefits the typical middle class person. There was some math behind it, a McKinsey report that actually showed how this business practice helps the middle class in general. Maybe it's true, but those people that got screwed out of a job are still screwed no matter how much cheaper that new TV they want is.

Over all, this week I beleive I've worked harder than I ever have in my entire life, but I'm making some good money and I really do enjoy this job. Oh, except when I've got 5 people asking me to do 8 different things at the same time and one of them gets mouthy with me about me not fulfilling their request first when I had asked someone else completely capable of doing it to help, so I could get one of the other 8 things done. But whatever, everything got done, and I was only slightly agitated at the situation.

After an 18 hour day, I am ready to sleep, and ready for the huge check I'll be getting in 2 weeks. Good night internet!

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