Monday, June 13, 2011

X-Men: First Class and Super8

So over the last week I saw quite a few movies, the two I am going to talk about, as the title says, are X-Men: First Class and Super8. 

First, X-Men: First Class, I was a fan of all of the previous X-Men movies, but this one pretty much blew them all out of the water. Seeing the X-Men in their younger years, and to see a lot of the back story, and origins of a lot of the characters that we have loved since our younger years. Saturday cartoons have come to life, and this movie gets a 5/5 on the Brawlking scale.

Next up, Super8. This was also a good movie, when I saw the trailers I thought of Cloverfield. To me what I thought of the movie was a version of Cloverfield, with younger people, a much less shakier camera, and lots more lens flares. That said, the movie had some humorous moments, and some great memorable characters. There are a few surprising parts, but nothing exactly scary, and it's rated PG-13, something you could probably even take your children to see. A movie good for the whole family.

Short and sweet, two good movies. One a little more violent than the other, but both good for older and younger people. Go see them if you can!

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