Friday, June 17, 2011

Bridesmaids... Wasn't so bad!

Now before you take the title of this post to mean that the movie was great, well, I wouldn't go that far. But it definitely wasn't bad.

When I saw previews for the movie, and heard the word of mouth, it was made to sound like a female version of The Hangover. It was far from that level of crazyness, but it had it's moments. There was plenty of hilarity in the movie, a lot of dirty girl jokes, and a couple cute girls kissing. Yes, cute girls kissing. One reason I felt like my balls were still attached while watching. Not to say that I felt like I had a vagina at any other point in the movie, but it didnt have the manly antics of The Hangover. Yes, I keep comparing it to The Hangover. The movie I would say is more of a Romantic Comedy, than a true comedy. It has a love story, a main character that learns a life lesson from someone you'd never expect, and plenty of funny plot twists.

Bottom line, guys if you're going to see this, see it with your gf/wife/or a pretty lady, dont see it by yourself. Ladies, this might be a good girls night out movie... I wouldn't know, I dont have the equipment to grant clemency to such claims.

Over all this movie gets a 3.5/5 on the Brawlking scale. Definitely a funny one if you like dirty humor, if not, wait for the DVD.

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