Monday, August 8, 2011

Duke Nukem Forever!

Alright, after 12 years this mythical beast of a vaporware game was finally finished, and I loved it! The amount of pop culture references, and even poking fun at himself, and the game's history make this game instant gold to anyone with a sense of humor. It also packs a good action punch, and drops in some old fashioned FPS style puzzles into the game for good measure. While the game doesnt really feature anything ground breakingly new, it does the original Duke Nukem 3D proud, and brings furious, mind numbing action back in crude style to the masses.

After such a long development (12 years), countless engine changes, and going between 4 or 5 different game studios Duke Nukem Forever has come out on top. This game gets a 5/5 on the Brawlking scale. Sheer hilarity, and action give this game all it needs to stand up to the legacy laid before it.

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